About Us

The United States consumes more than 1 billion barrels of fossil fuel each year. With this ever-increasing demand for crude oil, CO2 emissions are the resultant consequences of our ecosystem. To cater to this, the world needs a strategy to replace fossil fuels with a long-term, low-cost alternative. That’s where E3 Biofuels leaps forward.

E3 Biofuels is quickly transforming into a next-generation biorefinery platform. Employing cutting-edge technology we are converting the annually renewable crops into high-value ethanol.

We recognize the role of transportation in the advancement of a country and we are proud to be one of the world's largest biofuel producers. We develop low-carbon, sustainable biofuel to benefit the growing demands of the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our high-octane fuels are exceptionally eco-friendly, and each gallon of biofuel we produce reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40% when compared to regular gasoline. Our experience and innovation enable us to extract greater value from our renewable resources, resulting in biofuels that are both ecologically friendly and efficient.

“ Traditional ethanol technology is excellent in that it provides clean air, but E3 BioFuels technology not only provides clean air, but clean water and clean land.”

David Langley, CEO of E3 BioFuels

Our Goals


We aim to live in a world that is in harmony with nature. Where humans no longer deplete the Earth's resources and instead rely on its amazing capacity to renew them. Where we no longer rely on fossil fuels and instead rely on the human spirit's genius. We aspire to rejuvenate global agriculture and create viable, plant-based alternatives to minimise our reliance on fossil fuels as the world's largest producer of bioethanol.

What keeps us going is the spirit of invention that drove us to the forefront of our field. E3 Biofuels has an unwavering dedication to developing powerful, practical answers to the world's most pressing problems. Our world-class team of scientists and engineers is working to unlock agriculture's regenerative potential by developing plant-based alternatives to petrochemicals.

We've divided our goals into two sections to achieve them: one that focuses on technology and improving overall operations, and the other that campaigns for a more sustainable society.


Increase the usage of plant-based technology to reach carbon neutrality

● Continual attempts to make our bioprocessing facilities carbon neutral by reducing the carbon intensity of bioethanol.

● Continue to invest in technology that will improve the production of low-carbon bioproducts that will eventually be able to replace additional fossil-fuel-based fuels.


Take consistent steps toward a sustainable society

● Continue to introduce policies that encourage the use of biofuels and bioproducts.

● Strengthen and grow our Carbon Strategy Team.

● Create opportunities for our employees that contribute to the causes that are aligned with our goals.

E3 Biofuels continue to break new ground in biotechnology, resulting in renewable products and energy that are cleaner and more efficient. While the size of our company and goals have grown, we remain committed to lowering our reliance on fossil fuels, rejuvenating global agriculture, and making the world a better place for future generations.